California – Visit & Explore

California- A visitor’s paradise

The state of California is considered one of the most populous states in the USA. This has always been one of the best destinations for travelers. In fact, California is quite rightly referred as the global trendsetter in several aspects. As a traveler, you will love visiting this place recurrently. Perhaps everyone in the globe is familiar with the cities of California like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Beverly Hills and much more. So, if you are planning a trip to California, at first, get acquainted with the weather and then you can check out some of the top-rated tourist attractions there.

Climate of California

The state of California is known for its Mediterranean-type climate. The temperatures of both the summers and winters never exceed the extreme. Thus, you can visit California on any month. In the coastal areas, the daily high temperatures remain within 21 degree Celsius and around 10/12 degree Celsius during winters. California is not known for freezing temperatures.

Top California Destinations

Yosemite National Park

This is the best tourist location in California. This place has always been known for the mesmerizing mountains, waterfalls and valleys. You simply cannot miss out on the Yosemite Valley where you can witness the spectacular Yosemite Falls which drops 1,430 feet at one place, a scene you will never forget. The Cathedral Spires, Sentinel Dome and Sentinel Rock, and Half Dome are some of the other attention-grabbing places to visit here.


This place needs no introduction. Disneyland has always been a visitor’s paradise. This place is full of entertaining stuff like amusement parks, game shows, rides and much more. The kids, in particular, will love this place. The entire place is packed with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. There is something for everyone here.

Death Valley

This is the best place for adventure lovers. The name of the place is perfectly justified. The Death Valley happens to be the most unfriendly landscape you will ever come across. The Valley is encompassed by dry parched land, salt fields, sand dunes, mountains and a lake which incidentally lies below the sea level. This adds to the beauty of the overall valley.

Lake Tahoe

You can visit Lake Tahoe throughout the year. Those who swear for beaches and water activities will find this place attractive. During the summers, this place becomes the home ground for boaters and beach lovers while during winters you can participate in skilling activities.

Sea World

Come and explore the unseen marine life. You will be literally ecstatic to witness the spectacles of the dolphins. Additionally, you get thrilling rides and the opportunity to get familiarized with the creatures of the sea.

There is a lot more to be explored when you are in California. No matter whichever place you go, the experience will last in your memories for an eternity.

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